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  • Professional manufacturing: 30,000m of professional manufacturing plant, with high-configuration pressure vessel manufacturing workshop, independent stainless steel equipment workshop, clean workshop, non-standard workshop, etc. 
  • Convenient transportation: extremely convenient transportation conditions: only 3 kilometers away from the Nansha Terminal of the Free Trade Zone; there are 4 expressway entrances within a radius of 10 kilometers 
  • Installation and after-sales: We have our own professional installation team to professionally and effectively solve problems that arise during installation and debugging. 
  • Supporting materials: Didong independently developed high-performance activated carbon, which has strong adsorption capacity and low replacement frequency. It is widely praised during equipment operation. 
Company Profile

        Guangzhou Didong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a research, development, production and sales of VOCs waste gas treatment equipment enterprises. It is committed to the research, development and production of pollution control projects for the recovery and reuse of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and odor control (OC) produced in different fields.

        Our company uses Japanese technology and special adsorption materials, and has technical exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan's professional companies in the field of   VOCs exhaust   treatment. Continuous innovation and breakthrough in professional technology and field applications, we have successful experience in the field of VOCs waste gas control with air volume of 35,000-250000m ³/h and concentration of 0-16000mg/m³. Not only solve the problem of factory VOCs exhaust gas emissions, but also recover valuable organic solvents. The project has high return on investment, low operating costs, safety and efficiency, and maximizes economic and environmental benefits.

VOCs removal rate
Professional manufacturing workshop area
A professional manufacturing plant with a length of 30000 meters, equipped with a highly configured pressure vessel manufacturing workshop, independent stainless steel equipment workshop, clean workshop, non-standard workshop, etc
Professional manufacturing
Professional manufacturing
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Extremely convenient transportation conditions: only 3 kilometers away from Nansha Port in the Free Trade Zone; there are 4 highway entrances within a radius of 10 kilometers.
Convenient transportation
Convenient transportation
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We have a dedicated installation team who are proficient in effectively solving any problems that may arise during the installation and debugging process.
Installation and after-sales service
Installation and after-sales service
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DiDong independently develops high-performance activated carbon with strong adsorption capacity and low replacement frequency, which has been widely praised during equipment operation.
Supporting materials
Supporting materials
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Pre sales: Free on-site inspection of on-site conditions and provision of technical methods In sales: With complete qualifications, our own professional team cooperates in installation and debugging After sales: The equipment is not damaged by human factors and enjoys a one-year warranty period
Committed to the research, development, and production of pollution control engineering projects in different fields
The future is to be continued
After years of continuous technological innovation, our company has obtained "high-tech enterprises", "Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Small Giant enterprises", "Science and technology smes" and "innovative smes". As the only company in China that combines fixed bed and mobile bed for VOCs recycling, the equipment runs stably. Maintain a renowned exhaust gas removal rate and solvent recovery rate, which is the benchmark in the industry.
Didong designed and successfully installed···
Innovation never stops, in order to help customers achieve the recovery of organic solvents with complex components, Didong  designed and successfully installed 180000m³/h air volume of fixed & fluidized bed adsorber with rectification system VOCs recovery equipment, which realizes the separation and purification of a variety of organic solvents. The recovered organic solvent can be directly put into production,which help enterprises to achieve circular economy and reduce production costs.
Didong has realized VOCs recovery equipment with··
Through continuous technological improvement, Didong has achieved VOCs recovery equipment with 250000m³/h air volume. The exhaust gas removal rate is
99.98%, the outlet emission concentration is stable below 10mg/m³. The successful operation of DD-GL-250000 marks the beginning of a new journey for Tidong. That is, in the air volume 80,000-250000m ³/h, the concentration of 10000mg/m³ high concentration equipment can stabilize the removal rate of VOCs exhaust gas at 99.97%, and the tail exhaust concentration is controlled below 10mg/m³.
Bold innovation, fixed & fluidized bed adsorber···
There is a blank market for fixed & fluidized bed adsorber +RCO equipment project  in the world, Didong Didong accepted the challenge, 150000m³/h air volume VOCs recovery equipment was finally designed and put into use in Jiangxi *** science and technology development Co., LTD. After repeated testing by third-party testing institutions, the exhaust gas removal rate is 100%, and the outlet concentration is 0. It is far lower than the local emission standard of 10mg/m³ in Jiangxi Province.
The fixed & fluidized bed adsorber with large ···
Developed the 120,000m ³/h air volume fixed & fluidized bed adsorber equipment, it ran successfully in kaiping city, and connected  real-time data monitoring system to report to Environmental Protection Bureau. The exhaust gas outlet concentration is stable below 3mg/m³.
become the first and only high-tech enterprise···
Due to strict policy requirements, domestic recycling technology encountered a bottleneck, after a multi-party investigation, we immediately contacted and went to Taiwan Jineng Technology Co., LTD., many times . Finally, we jointly developed a fluidized bed concentration technology suitable for use in fixed bed recycling equipment, and put it into use in Jiangsu *** New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Kaiping *** Adhesive Products Co., LTD., Didong becoming the first and only high-tech enterprise that combines fixed bed and fluidized bed adsorber to recover VOCs solvent in China. The solvent recovery is as high as 92%.
RCO equipment has been successfully operated in···
Conducted technical exchanges with several Japanese RCO equipment companies, and finally cooperated with Japanese AIR GASES TECHNOS LTD to introduce RCO technology to the domestic market. Test a variety of domestic operating environments and constantly transform equipment. In the end, Didong RCO equipment was successfully operated in a composite material factory in Guangzhou.
company founded
Constantly improve technology, improve equipment.
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Benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, gasoline NMP(methylpyrrolidone), DOP acetone, butanone, DMSO(dimethyl sulfoxide)

NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone), MEA(monoethanolamine), BDG(monobutyl ether - two [ethylene glycol]), DMAV(dimethylacetamide), DMF(dimethylformamide), PGME, PGMEA, IPA, silver glue, aluminum glue, HCL, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid

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