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  • Professional manufacturing: 30,000m of professional manufacturing plant, with high-configuration pressure vessel manufacturing workshop, independent stainless steel equipment workshop, clean workshop, non-standard workshop, etc. 
  • Convenient transportation: extremely convenient transportation conditions: only 3 kilometers away from the Nansha Terminal of the Free Trade Zone; there are 4 expressway entrances within a radius of 10 kilometers 
  • Installation and after-sales: We have our own professional installation team to professionally and effectively solve problems that arise during installation and debugging. 
  • Supporting materials: Didong independently developed high-performance activated carbon, which has strong adsorption capacity and low replacement frequency. It is widely praised during equipment operation. 
Guangdong Linton Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading large-scale high-end comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprise in southern China. The company covers an area of 45000 square meters, with a production site area of about 30000 square meters, and is 2 kilometers away from the Nansha Port. The unique geographical conditions provide Linton Heavy Industry with extremely favorable conditions for manufacturing and transporting heavy and oversized equipment. The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of mechanical equipment for industries such as pressure vessels, reaction kettles, stirring kettles, heat exchangers, storage tanks, towers, fully/semi-automatic filling lines, fully/semi-automatic packaging lines, automatic unboxing, automatic palletizing, visual automatic recognition, grabbing and feeding, conveyor belts, etc. in the petrochemical, food and beverage, grain and oil, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, and power industries, The material is mainly stainless steel equipment, and also includes carbon steel equipment, alloy steel equipment, and special material equipment.
Holding the Class III (A1, A2) pressure vessel design license, manufacturing and maintenance license issued by the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, obtaining the GC2 pressure pipeline installation license, the ASME certificate (U, NB steel seal) qualification issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the CCS shipbuilding welding certificate issued by the China Classification Society, passing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and the 2016 Guangzhou R&D institution certification, 2016 Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise Certification, 2017 Guangdong Province High tech Enterprise Certification, Intellectual Property Management System Certification


Machining workshop
Machining workshop
Cutting workshop
Cutting workshop
Assembly workshop
Assembly workshop
Clean container workshop special material workshop
Clean container workshop special material workshop
The workshop is divided into: machining workshop, cutting workshop, assembly workshop, clean container workshop, special material workshop
Factory Area
Maximum lifting weight
Maximum lifting height
Single workshop size
annual production capacity


TSG-21 《固定式压力容器安全技术监察规程》GB150 《压力容器》GB/T 151 《热交换器》NB/T47041 《塔式容器》GB/T 47042 《卧式容器》
JB/T4745 《钛制焊接容器》NB/T47048 《螺旋板式换热器》NB/T47012 《制冷装置用压力容器》JB/T4756 《镍及镍合金制压力容器》API620 《大型焊接低压储罐》
JB/T4734 《铝制焊接容器》API 650 《钢制焊接石油储罐》《ASME锅炉及压力容器规范》《TEMA列管式换热器规范》《欧共体承压设备指令认证97/23/EC (PED) 》
《欧共体简单压力容器指令 (SPVD 2009/105/ED) 》《EN13445非直接接触火焰压力容器》《AD 2000压力容器规范》《JIS B 8270压力容器构造》... ...


Processed products Reactors, heat exchangers, towers, storage tanks and containers, spandex equipment, finishing equipment, water treatment equipment, special materials equipment, pharmaceutical food and beer, intelligent equipment, new energy industry, etc
Manufacturing and machining equipment Radiographic testing machine, American FLOW water cutting machine, submerged arc automatic welding machine, tensile test bench, tube plate fully automatic pulse argon arc welding machine, CNC fully automatic polishing machine, rocker drilling machine, large milling machine, double column lathe, CNC drilling machine, edge planer, column milling machine, CNC rolling machine, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC lathe, large shearing machine, bending machine, ion automatic welding machine
Inspection equipment Portable metal hardness tester, mobile spectrometer, ferrite measuring instrument, digital microscope, endoscope, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, process heat treatment furnace, impact testing device, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray analyzer, smoothness measuring instrument


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